Your Words Have Power — With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Leadership, Mindset, Personal Growth, Relationships

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Our Words Have Power To Heal

Not that long ago, I was sitting in a room full of people but I was watching a woman who was sitting alone. She was vibrant and beautiful but everyone else was ignoring her. 

No one came near her or even wished her a “Merry Christmas”.

Later, both of us went up to the buffet table at the same time and I put my arms around her (a stranger) and I whispered in her ear

“You are beautiful. You belong here. You light up this room. You light up every room that you walk into.” 

With each statement, she whispered a breathy, “Thank you. Thank you. Amen. Amen.” 

Words have power.

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Why Our Words Are A Superpower

I want to say something controversial. I believe that words have power for better or for worse… 

So mixing bad words with your bad mood is just as bad as drinking and driving. 

It’s a strong statement, I know. 

But here’s the thing — the words that we speak over other people have the power to build them up or break them down. And when we choose to use words that tear others down, we can cause permanent damage.

Jessamyne West said, “A broken bone can heal. But the wound a word opens can fester forever.” 

However, the same is true in the opposite direction. We can use our words to brighten someone’s day or even bring healing. And as Mother Teresa said, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

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Words Are Bullets Or Seeds

Another way to think about how our words have power is the way Gary Chapman talks about it in his book, Love as a Way of Life. He writes that our words can be used as either “bullets or seeds”. If we speak to someone with condemnation, we are using our words as bullets to destroy them. 

But if we talk to them with sincere kindness and respect, we are sowing seeds that can help to restore a relationship to love.

Now, because each of us has this superpower, we’re all responsible for how we use it. And as Uncle Ben says to Peter Parker in Spider-Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

So the truth is that we are responsible for each and every word we speak.

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A List of Kind Words That Build Up

Now, I feel like many of us are full of good intentions when it comes to building others up. Mostly, we don’t intend to use our words like bullets… 

But sometimes they slip away from us and we see the negative impact only after the words have already left our lips. 

The good thing is that like anything else, we can make positive changes in our relationships with a bit of practice.

One simple thing that can help is to build up our repertoire of kind words. And the more we practice speaking words that heal to others, the more it will feel natural to us.

For inspiration, here’s a list of ten easy phrases that you can start with:

  1. You are loved. 
  2. I miss you when we’re not together. 
  3. You brighten up my day.
  4. I have faith in you. 
  5. I see you. 
  6. You are capable. 
  7. I love hearing your thoughts.
  8. You matter to me.
  9. I’m grateful you’re in my life.
  10. You have a wonderful smile.

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How Will You Use Your Superpower Today? 

The best time to practice sowing seeds of kind words is today. I want to encourage you to choose one phrase from the list above and build somebody up today.

Maybe it will be a stranger in the grocery store.

Or maybe it’s a friend… a family member.  

Whoever it is, be intentional about building somebody up today with kind words because a few kind words can change a life forever.

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Which of the 10 phrases that we shared did you like the most? Share your favourite one below! We love to hear from you.

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