Why Bother With Leadership At All

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One Reason To Bother With Leadership

With all the examples of fallen and disgraced leaders, whether from a lack of integrity in money, marriage or power, why should we bother with leadership at all? For one simple reason:

Leadership matters because as John C. Maxwell says, “everything rises and falls on leadership.”

So goes the leader, so goes the organization.

So goes the business… So goes the community… so goes the school… so goes the family.

I wasn’t a good student and in fact, until I was 15 years old, I had never read a book all the way through. As you can imagine, that made school very difficult.

I managed to squeak by in school until grade seven when the rubber hit the road. The way I was listening and completing assignments no longer allowed me to keep up because my reading skills were so poor. As a result, I struggled a lot in school from grade seven until grade ten.

Then in grade ten, I met a young man (cue the romantic music)… He believed in me more than I believed in myself and he encouraged me that I could learn and study.

You see, I had this limiting belief that I was stupid but over the next couple of years he busted through this barrier that kept me from being a good student. He did more than encourage me, he got into the boat with me and studied with me. I learned how to study and he taught me systems for learning so I could pass.

I made it through grade twelve and it was a wonderful year because of the way he inspired and motivated me; however, it took until grade twelve to overcome the limiting belief that I was stupid.

Good Leaders Empower Others

He saw potential that I didn’t see in myself and that’s what good leaders do for their people — they inspire their people to reach higher and further because they believe in them.

Because leaders care and believe in their people, they empower them to do things that are hard to do. They push their people out of the nest because they want to see their people succeed and grow.

Good leaders aren’t threatened by people’s potential, gifts, talents or abilities.

We’ve all seen it happen where leaders become competitive with a rising star and instead of helping them succeed, they hinder their progress. That means the leader is insecure in their own ability to lead and what they have to offer.

Paul Reid who was the Senior Pastor at Christian Fellowship Church, Belfast, Northern Ireland for twenty-five years spoke about this situation. Before Robin Mark became the world-renowned worship leader and author he is today, Paul saw Robin’s gifts early in his career and encouraged those gifts. Now, Robin is much more well known than Paul. Paul was a good leader because he empowered Robin to succeed in what he was good at.

Good Leaders Help Others Feel Safe

Leaders have the capability to help their people feel safe and a sense of belonging. This kind of leadership enables others to risk, even to the point of failing. It enables their people to move past the walls of the organization and into making a difference for the greater good.

On the flip side, without that sense of belonging or feeling safe, people spend a lot of time taking care of themselves because they feel like they need to watch their own back. In this atmosphere, there’s an attitude of scarcity… a lack of abundance, so people feel like “I need to take care of me because I’m all alone.”

Yet, when there’s a good leader at the head of the pack who is watching over the business or the family, then individuals can feel safe like they belong to something bigger and greater than themselves.

Isn’t that what we all want? A sense of safety and belonging?

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, feeling safe and a sense of belonging are fundamental human needs that have to be met in order for us to reach our full potential.

We want to know that someone believes in us even more than we believe in ourselves. Leaders set the tone for the organization: A good leader sets a tone for a growth environment, whereas a poor leader sets a tone where growth is stifled.

Leaders Can Build Something Greater Than Themselves

Everything trickles down from the top. Change happens at the top and moves down. It’s much harder to start change from the bottom and move it all the way up.

So goes the leader, so goes the organization.

Many leaders take license with the power they have over their organizations, businesses and families. However, leadership is a gift and it’s given from a higher power, the Lord Jesus Christ, so with leadership comes great responsibility to lead well.

Together with their people, leaders can build something great.

And that’s why we need to bother with leadership and that’s why we need to care about leadership. This is why we at 4Better 4Ever are investing in leaders by promoting education and coaching to help leaders go further and faster.

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