Do You Know What Makes You Stronger? It’s Not What You Think!

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Mindset, Personal Growth

Photo by: Ann Visser (potato blossom)

Nobody likes this. We all run from it. And yet, this is what makes you stronger. Want to know what it is?

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What Makes You Stronger Isn’t What You Think

This doesn’t make any sense… I mean, nobody likes this and most of us run from this! 

What is it? Hard times! 

Nobody likes to suffer. But did you know that hard times can make us stronger? They’re disruptive, they create change and let’s be honest – none of us like change!! We would do the same ol’, same ol’ day after day, even if it’s not working. 

Because we hate change! We have a built-in resistance to change. 

But adversity gives us the opportunity to grow, to become stronger and better. 

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“You’re Not Connecting With Us!” 

I was talking to my hubby about this the other day and he was telling me how hard it was to have our five kids tell him: 

“You’re not connecting with us!” 

This was over a season where they had multiple conversations about…

“Well, how can I get better at this? Tell me what I’m doing because I don’t know how to change this!”

Eventually, he figured out that he needed to listen more. He needed to stop fixing things (a hard one to do if you’re a natural fixer!). And then he realized he needed to stop giving them “the look”… 

what makes you stronger

And as our kids were communicating these messages and he worked on these things, he became better and more able to connect

Those difficult conversations, as hard as they were, made him stronger and better. 

To quote Warren W. Wiersbe, “Bumps are the things we climb on”… hard times are things we can climb on. 

what makes you stronger

Photo by: Ann Visser (tasty roasted PEI potatoes)

Stress Helps Potatoes Grow… And It Can Help You Too

Now, when potatoes are near the end of their growth cycle (my hubby’s a potato farmer)… we hit those potato tops with an element called Boron. That causes stress to the green tops, which then pushes all of the energy into the tubers or the potatoes that you eat. 

That stress makes the potatoes better, bigger and stronger. It helps them to bulk up. 

I believe that adversity does the same thing for us! It helps us to grow, to change and become better.

Throughout this current adversity, I’ve come to appreciate the simple things in life… like the smell of a newborn baby! I’m missing my newborn grandbaby. I’ve come to appreciate so much more the time I get to spend with family and friends. 

You know, “pressure on the outside should make us bigger on the inside,” says Warren W. Wiersbe. 

How has adversity made you stronger or better or bigger? I’d love to hear from you. Comment below or shoot me off a message to let me know this.  

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How is adversity making you stronger? Share in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

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  1. Nancy MacDonald

    I have been through many bumps in my life but when I was young I cried out to God and since that time I have grown through every bump and my faith in God to see me through has grown with each bump. The most extraordinary gift is the peace I usually have going through them. Oh I get defensive and angry sometimes but that underlying peace helps me get over it quickly and allows me to choose to forgive and ask forgiveness . I have had major psychological healing and its led to physical healing in many ways. Let me say that I am far from done and will be a work in progress until I get back home to Father God ,enjoy your vacation!

    • Ann Visser

      Hi Nancy,

      Thank you for sharing how life’s ‘bumps’ have grown your faith in God to bring about such amazing healing both psychologically and physically. The peace you experience sounds like the ‘peace that passes understanding’ that He promised is ours when we keep our mind stayed on Him.
      I’m thanking God with you, Nancy!

      Blessings, Ann

  2. Jenifer Carvalho

    Adversity led me to a life of dedication, sacrifice and patience.
    I have a lot to say but it can all be summarized by the word effort.

    We all have the effort that it takes to live a wonderful life. God makes this possible if we stay focused on him!. All of what didn’t belonged in my life has fallen through because of my stand in what God had prepared for me which at the time I couldn’t explain to others. My dreams were all leading me to a path of love and family as well as a wonderful career as a business owner.

    Adversity isn’t bad, it isn’t only for the poor, it isn’t only for certain groups, it is simply part of everyone else’s life. Embracing change in God’s hands is all we can do.


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