You Have A Valuable And Unique Story To Tell

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Leadership, Mindset, Personal Growth

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“The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story.”

~ Michael Margolis

Stories Hold A Special Place In My Heart

I come from a family of storytellers.

My mother, in particular, loved to tell her family what happened during her day. But it would never just be a list of things she had done; it would be a tale about something funny or interesting that someone did or said. She enjoyed the funny moments in her life because then she had a story to tell…

And of course, with each telling, she made the story a bit bigger and a little better!

Storytelling is something I inherited from my mother that I value because it makes life a whole lot more interesting and entertaining (and I love to have fun). Plus, with each story I tell, I’m sharing and defining who I am.

Every Woman Has A Unique And Valuable Story

Not all of us come from storytelling families and yet, whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re all creating our own stories in the way that we live with our actions and words.

And each and every woman’s story is unique and valuable.

Your story is powerful and it’s influencing the people around you for good or for bad. So if you want to make a bigger difference in the lives of your family, friends, workplace and community — you need to make sure that you’re intentionally telling the best version of your story.   

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Every year, I learn how to be a little more intentional about my story (read about it here or listen to it here).

Now, your story is going to be different than mine — and your story is just as valuable because each one of us has a story that will speak to different people. Your story will reach people that mine will never touch.

Sometimes We Get Stuck In Our Stories

The thing is that sometimes we’re writing stories about ourselves that aren’t actually true. Instead of writing the best manuscript for our lives, we’re settling with writing a “B” or a “C” version because somewhere along the way, we’ve gotten stuck in our stories (read more here).

Sometimes we get stuck because we feel ashamed about a part of us… or we feel deep regret for a mistake or failure… or maybe we’ve experienced a painful loss that has permanently marked us and we don’t know how or where to go now.

There are many reasons why we get stuck in our stories and it’s okay to feel stuck.

However, I want to encourage you that your story isn’t finished!

Regardless of the failures, setbacks, losses, shame or regrets that you have, your story has immense value.

Don’t stay stuck. We all face challenges that could hold us back…

Where I Got Stuck In My Story

Part of my story is that I didn’t learn how to read well until I was 15 years old and I felt very ashamed about that! For years, I believed that I was stupid and I couldn’t learn.

So I hid behind my husband and my children. I refused to take on any leadership opportunities that came my way and instead, passing them along to my husband because I believed I wasn’t capable or smart enough.

It wasn’t until I stopped believing and living that “B” story that I discovered what my “A” story was — my best story.

And it’s this process that we’ll be introducing and talking about over the next number of weeks, so you can learn how to be intentional about your story (read more here)…

The 4 Parts Of Intentionally Writing Your Story

The parts that we’ll be talking about are…

1. Learning your story (this post)

2. Loving your story

3. Living your story

4. Leading from your story

And I hope you’ll journey with us as we learn about how we can intentionally write our stories because it’s not too small of a thing to say:

The world needs your story.

If you want to get started in creating the right mindset for this series, check out this post that defines the kind of mindset you will need.

I can’t wait to start on this journey with you and hear your story.

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