The Ultimate Summer Bucket List For Couples That’s Actually Fun

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A Summer Bucket List To Spark Fun And Laughter

Summer can be a great time to shake things up and do something different and fun from your regular routine. 

Why do you need that as a couple? 

Because doing something new and fun and breathe new life into your relationship. Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily stuff that we forget to have fun together.

However, laughter and humour is actually a really important part of creating a fulfilling romantic relationship. 

Research Shows Humour Helps Relationships

Research conducted by Jeffrey Hall looked at humour in relationships by examining 39 studies, which included over 15,000 people from around the world.

He concluded that it’s not just about laughing together but…

“what really matters is the humour that couples create together.” 

This means that if you don’t consider yourself a particularly funny person, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Because as Hall says, “It’s not about being a great comedian, but [about] finding what’s funny in the everyday and enjoying it together.” 

Use The Bucket List For Inspiration

And one of the ways you can enjoy everyday moments is by intentionally creating new and fun memories that you can reminisce about later. 

So here’s a list of twenty-one different activities that you could try together this summer.

Try picking one or two that appeal to you.

Maybe you don’t enjoy being outside but you love sharing food experiences as a couple. 

The important thing is to create memories that are meaningful and fun for you.   

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#1. Go For An Unplanned Drive And See Where You End Up

Add some spontaneity in to your relationship by going for an afternoon or evening drive with no agenda. You may want to bring something to drink and eat because you never know where some unknown back roads will lead you! But you’re sure to create some memorable drives. 

#2. Discover A New Flavour Of Ice Cream Together

I live in a province full of islanders who absolutely love their ice cream. Not only do we have a ridiculous number of dairy bars for our small island but we also will faithfully go out for ice cream even when it’s -25 degrees celsius. If you love ice cream the way my hubby does, instead of going for your usual, search for a new flavour that can be “your” flavour. 

#3. Visit Your Favourite Beach And Have A Rock Skipping Competition

One of my favourite places to be in the summer is on the beach. Why not bring some of your inner child back and challenge your significant other to a rock skipping competition. 

Photo Credit: Rhand McCoy on Unsplash

#4. Get Away For A Weekend At A New Campground

Whether you like to glamp or rough it in a tent for two, a fun way to enjoy the warm weather is to try a new campground. You may even want to try camping on the shoulder season in September if the weather stays warm enough as prices are often cheaper and the campgrounds less busy.

#5. Reminisce About Your Favourite Summer Memories Around A Campfire

Nothing says summer like a bonfire. We still enjoy eating s’mores around the campfire with our grandchildren. A fun and simple way to create warm, fuzzy feelings is to tell old stories about your favourite summer memories.  

#6. Watch A Sunset Together

Stay up late and watch a sunset together. You could drive to a special location or if you live in the countryside, you could enjoy watching it from the comfort of your own home. Either way, taking time to slow down and enjoy the beauty around you can help you to appreciate the simple things in life together.

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#7. Have A Picnic

This is such a classic summer activity but it never gets old. You can keep it as simple as you want or make it as fancy as you desire. All you need is an old blanket, a great location and some food and you’re all set for some fun!

#8. Put On Some Music And Dance Under The Stars

Perhaps you enjoy dancing. But have you ever danced underneath the stars? You could play your favourite slow song if you’re in a romantic mood or keep it light and fun by choosing your favourite pop or country songs. 

#9. Create A Meal Together Using Only Local Fresh Produce

If you’re growing your own garden, you can do this fairly easily and on a budget. But if you don’t have a garden, you could check out your local farmer’s market. Again, you can keep the meal simple or go crazy and cook a gourmet farm to table meal if you love to cook. 

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#10. Pick Wildflowers Together

Creating fun summer memories doesn’t have to take a lot of time. You could even pull over for ten minutes if you’re driving somewhere that a lot of wildflowers are growing. Then every time you see the flowers on your table, it will remind you of picking them together.

#11. Go To A Drive-In Theatre To Watch A Movie

Now, you may not have an old-fashioned drive in theatre in your area but your city might offer free showings at different locations throughout the summer. Pack some snacks, blankets, pillows and make a fun date night watching a classic movie.

#12. Explore Your Town By Trying To Find A Street That You’ve Never Been On

Whether you live in a big city or small town, wander around and make it your goal to discover a new street that you both have never been on before. If you live in a really small town, you may want to choose something else to discover or go to a larger area to explore.

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#13. Volunteer At A Festival

There are often so many great opportunities to volunteer throughout the summer, whether you enjoy music, sports or festivals. Look for an activity or a cause that you’d enjoy supporting together and have fun serving your community. 

#14. Rent A Tandem Bike And Explore A New Town

Exploring a new or old town doesn’t have to get old… rent a tandem bike and get lots of laughs navigating on a bicycle built for two. 

#15. Dream Up Your Own Unique Summer Bucket List

Maybe nothing appeals to you on this list so far. Then create your own special list for the two of you! Sometimes half of the fun is deciding on and anticipating the fun you’ll have together.

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#16. Go On A Fun Double Date

Have a couple that you both enjoy spending time with? Choose an activity that all four of you will remember. It could be a cooking class, a road trip or a festival… whatever would be memorable to you.

#17. Write Each Other A Love Letter And Read Them To Each Other

Heat up the romance in your relationship by writing each other a love letter or composing a poem about your significant other. Then read what you wrote out loud to each other on a date night.

#18. Act Out Your Favourite Scene(s) From Romcoms

If you enjoy watching movies together, you could add a twist by acting out your own movie and filming it so you can watch it later! You could choose some scenes from the most classic rom comes or pick scenes from more obscure movies that only you two would know. Whatever you choose, it’s bound to create some hilarity! 

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#19. Play Hide And Seek In A Park

Remember how much time you spent playing as a kid? Channel your inner child and play a big game of hide and seek outside or in a park.  

#20. Complete a challenging adventure together, like a hike, camping trip

Choose something challenging to accomplish together this summer. It could be an outdoor adventure like a really long hike, or it cook be a zero-waste challenge… whatever you decide to tackle together. When you reach the end, there’s a lot of satisfaction in completing it together.

#21. Start a dream journal

A little different than a bucket list, this is a place where you can write out all your dreams together. They can be wild and crazy or simple things that you’d like to do together. Because it’s a dream journal, nothing’s off the table! Then decide which ones you’d actually like to pursue. 

What’s on your couples’ bucket list this summer? Share your next step in the comments below.

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