Turn Fear to Hope – 5 Powerful Questions To Control Your Thoughts

by | May 19, 2020 | Mindset

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How do we gain traction in the midst of a crisis to turn fear to hope?

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Fear Is A Normal Response To Uncertainty

How do we gain traction in the midst of the distraction to overcome fear? I hope you have your coffee ready,  a pen and paper because I’m going to give you a powerful practical tool you can use right away! 

First, it’s important to recognize that everyone struggles with fear and anxiety.

It is a normal natural response to uncertainty. In this season of crisis with fearful rumours, uncertain futures and the bombardment of negative news, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and fearful.

A crisis by its very nature creates uncertainty that throws us out of our comfort zone. It’s an unfamiliar place. The way we used to operate no longer works.

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Don’t Let Fear Boss You Around

Fear comes from our thoughts. But here’s the thing — you control your thoughts. You have more power than you know. 

When news of the Coronavirus broke fear was pushing me around. 

My thoughts were creating anxiety and fear.

turn fear to hope

Photo credit: unknown (my hubby and me in Mexico)

What You Focus On Grows

So, my husband and I  were walking through a beautiful garden on the Mexican resort where we were staying.  The day before, our Prime Minister called for Canadians abroad to come home.

And I was full of anxiety, thinking that we would get stuck in Mexico.

But what I said to my husband was: “People aren’t using hand sanitizer at the buffet. They don’t have napkins on the loaves of bread where people are helping themselves…

Why aren’t you anxious?” 

He smiled at me and calmly gave me the facts about all that we were doing to protect ourselves and stay safe. And then he said, “I’m going to enjoy the next two days. Are you with me?” 

And I realized that he had a very different focus than I did! My negative thinking was causing me to feel anxiety and fear. While his focus was on everything we were doing to stay safe.

turn fear to hope

Photo credit: Ann Visser

5 Powerful Questions To Control Your Thoughts

Here are five powerful questions based on Dr. Daniel Amen’s work to help you gain control over your thoughts so you can get unstuck (unlike that clam in the photo) and make good decisions. Because good decisions lead to behaviour that we’re happy with. 

Let’s go through these questions using my experience in Mexico… 

#1 – What am I thinking? We’re going to be stuck in Mexico.

#2 – Is this thought true? No, we already have tickets to go home in two days.

#3 – Does having this thought serve me? No, it was making me anxious.

#4 – Is there another explanation or another way of looking at things? Yes, we’re doing everything we can to stay safe. I can reframe my thinking and enjoy the next two days.

#5 – What advice would I give to a friend who had this thought? Reframe your thoughts, focus on what you can do and enjoy the two days at the resort as best you can. 

This is a tried and tested way to take your thoughts captive… to sift them so you can turn fear to HOPE.

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Do these 5 questions help you control your thoughts? Share your insights in the comments below. We love to learn from you!

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