The Mindset You Need To Create Your Extraordinary Life

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“Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself.” – Plato

What is your internal dialogue like?

More than anything else, what happens in your mind will help or hinder your ability to live your extraordinary life…

Because quite simply, your mindset defines your reality and also shapes your outcomes.

So let’s look at what a healthy mindset looks like…

What Is A Healthy Mindset?

A healthy mindset answers the “5 w’s” and “h”:

Who: a woman needs to know who she is… what her gifts, talents and abilities are. So she’s working towards defining who she is.

What: a woman needs to know what she can and can’t do. She needs to test her limitations and find out what she can do to in order to discover what’s possible.

Because everything she says “yes” to means she’s saying “no” to something else. So she needs to figure out her yes’s and her no’s.

Why: the why is what a woman is passionate about. These are the things she gets really excited about and would do for free if she couldn’t make money at it.

This is the fuel for her life.

Where: this is where she works out the why. Something magical happens when she’s working where she should be within her why.

When: the when is all about timing. It’s important for her to recognize that the waiting is as important as the doing…

Because it’s in the waiting that she’s learning the things she needs to in order to get to where she wants to go. A woman with a healthy mindset knows there’s nothing wrong with waiting but at the same time, she doesn’t waste the waiting.

She keeps moving forward in the waiting towards the purposes and plans that God has for her.

How: this is about how she gets to where she needs to go so she can be where she was made to be.

A woman with a healthy mindset approaches every experience, person and opportunity with the attitude: what did I learn from this and how much further am I into what God has for me?

What Mindset Does A Woman Need To Create Her Extraordinary Life?

This next section talks about mindset in relation to her relationship with God, so if you’re not a person of faith or you don’t share those beliefs, you may want to skip to the next section.

John C. Maxwell talks about how a woman (or every human being) needs to know her sense of worth, belonging, purpose and competence – and this comes from a relationship with God.


She needs to know that she has worth and is intrinsically worthy because she’s made by her Heavenly Father. If a woman doesn’t know her worth, then she’ll feel inferior and the thought that “I’m not good enough” will plague her mindset.


A woman needs to know that she ultimately belongs to the Father and to His people so she doesn’t feel insecure or feel a sense of not knowing where she fits in. This belonging provides her with security about where she fits because she knows to Whom she belongs.


To live her extraordinary life, a woman needs to believe that she has purpose and that the Father is the one that gave her this purpose.

This then gives her a sense of expectancy for each day because she moves toward her purpose out of her relationship with God.

It also gives her reason to get up in the morning and reason to pursue the things that He has for her.

This sense of purpose makes her bold and courageous to experiment rather than constantly feeling afraid of failing… Because if she fails then she’ll learn what she can from it and move forward into more of what God has for her.


To maintain a mindset that will enable her to live a life of purpose, a woman needs to know that her competence comes from God.

She needs to have confidence that everything He’s made her for, He’s also given her the tools that she needs in order to press forward.

How To Maintain A Healthy Mindset?


Having a thankful mind is important to keep a woman’s mindset healthy. A simple exercise like the high/low/appreciation exercise takes just a few minutes each day but it encourages her to look for things to be thankful for throughout her day.

Student Attitude:

It’s important for a woman to develop a growth mindset because this will keep her moving and growing.

It doesn’t matter who she’s with or what she’s doing because she can always learn something. Whether she’s playing with kids or sitting with women in jail or talking with the janitor at work, she can always walk away asking herself the question: “What did I learn from that?”


This means having people in her life who keep her humble (friends, spouse, family, co-workers…) She needs people who know her and believe in her, but who can also hold her to the wall when she says or does things she shouldn’t.


Flexibility is such an important trait to develop. This enables a woman to move through life instead of fighting against it. Think about floating down a river – it can be full of raging rapids or calm flowing water.

So much happens that’s out of her control. However, a woman with a healthy mindset focuses on what she can do to continue to persevere toward the purposes and goals that God has for her in spite of what life throws at her.

Getting Equipped:

When a woman feels that she’s equipped, this gives her confidence to step into her purpose. This involves developing the skills and expertise so you can keep moving further into your purpose. Getting equipped means a lot of preparation. As her skills and expertise grow, so does her confidence.


Tenacity is an internal spirit that makes a woman resilient. It keeps her moving no matter what life throws at her… it keeps her growing because she believes that nothing and no experience is wasted.

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