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Why You Need To Take Action If You Want Your Life To Change

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Mindset, Personal Growth

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Take Action Or Nothing Changes

I just came from a doctor’s appointment, where I was called in because there was something wrong with my blood work.

“You have high cholesterol,” he told me.

So I asked him how I could improve without using medication and he said, “Diet but mostly exercise.” 

More specifically, he recommended going on more of a Mediterranean diet (which I’m going to look into), and exercising four times a week for 30 minutes where I break out in a sweat. 

These specific instructions are very helpful because now I know what steps I need to take to reduce my cholesterol. 

But the truth is — I’m also ashamed.   

Because this week our topic is about taking action… More specifically, that we need to take action or nothing will change. 

And you see, I was at the doctor’s office one year ago and my cholesterol levels were already high then. Guess what my doctor suggested?  

Take action and exercise regularly. 

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Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

Now, I must admit that I had good intentions when I left the doctor’s office. But if you’ve been following me for some time then you know what I say about good intentions… 

They’re not enough!  

So, as you can imagine, even though I played with getting more exercise, I wasn’t consistent. And now, my cholesterol levels are higher than they were a year ago.

You know that saying… change nothing and nothing changes?!? That’s exactly what happened to me.

Saint Augustine says, “God provides the wind but man must raise the sails.” 

Do you believe this? 

It’s similar if you or I hire a coach… 

You see, we can work with a coach and come to conclusions about how to move forward but if we don’t take those steps forward, then nothing will change.

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Taking Action Builds Our Confidence

We really do need to take action in order for change to happen and we can’t just sit around waiting for some miraculous event to happen in order for change to occur. 

Norman Vincent Peale said, “Action is the great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result but the cause of fear.”

Thing is, when we choose not to take action, eventually we become stuck. On top of this, our confidence seeps out and fear creeps in.

Our inaction causes us to lose our God-given power that helps us to move forward in life to learn, grow, explore, and so on. 

Does this really matter? Absolutely! 

Because as we grow in who we are, we also grow in knowing more of who God is as we are made in his image. And in that growth we learn more about the possibilities for our lives.

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What Action Do You Need To Take?

My next step is to take action and put myself at the top of the list so I can get the results I want for my health.

And I want to encourage you to take action on whatever it is that you’ve been procrastinating on.

It could be something that you said you’re not going to do but you know deep down it is the next step you need to take. 

Maybe you need to forgive someone but you’re feeling stuck and you haven’t moved because you feel so hurt. Or it could mean taking better care of your health (like me!). Or perhaps your next step involves moving into a new professional opportunity. 

Regardless of what your next step is, if you need help, I want to encourage you to reach out today. I can walk alongside you as you work through being stuck so you can take action, build confidence and break through fear and move into growth.

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What helps you to take action? We love hearing from you! Share in the comments below.

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