Want To Stop Negative Thoughts? Feed Your Faith, Starve Toxic Thoughts

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Mindset, Personal Growth

Photo credit: Ann Visser (sorrel weeds taking over our lawn!)

Want to stop your negative thoughts that are immobilizing you?

==> The answer is similar to how my husband and I are dealing with the weeds in our lawn. Watch to find out! <==

How To Stop Negative Thoughts? Get Rid Of The Weeds!

How do you push through negative thoughts that immobilize you from taking action? Feed your faith and starve your negative thoughts. Now, how do you do this on a practical level?

Let me share a story with you… 

Melis and I were out in our yard this weekend and there were a lot of weeds in the grass and they’re starting to take over.

In some areas, all we could see were weeds… Clearly, we needed to do something to fix this! 

We hopped on the phone to find out what kinds of weeds they were. One of them was sorrel. Another one was an aggressive weed…

(Which we already knew because it was taking over our lawn!)

So we looked at different options. We could dig it out. Or we could fertilizer our grass. Or we could add lime to the soil to add nutrients to it. 

And you know, that’s what we can do to our negative thoughts!

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#1 – Dig Your Negative Thoughts Out

One way to dig our negative thoughts out is to take a break from the negative input that we’re allowing into our brains. For instance, the negative input could be coming from the news, social media or certain people in our lives. 

Yesterday, my hubby and I took a day off from social media and negativity…

And did you know that you can snooze certain people on your Facebook feed? I needed to do that with some of the people on my feed just to take a break from the negativity. 

Stop Negative Thoughts

Photo credit: Ann Visser (starting my day right and with a sweet note from my grandkid)

#2 – Fertilize Your Mind By Marinating In The Word Of God 

I know it sounds a little funny but it works! If you’re a person of faith, one great way you can fertilize your mind is to take some time to sit and marinate in the Word of God. 

For example, I’ve been studying the book of Daniel for months because I’m fascinated by this man.

I’ve been asking: how is he such a man of God?

So I’ve been soaking in who he is, how God made him to be. And it’s helping me to understand how I can be a Daniel and have the wisdom, insight and understanding that Daniel had.

Stop Negative Thoughts

Photo credit: Ann Visser (my daily beach walk)

#3 – Add Some Lime To Your Mind

Adding lime helps to choke the weeds out. You know, when we struggle with toxic thoughts, we can either continue to go down the spiral of negative thinking that immobilizes us and keeps us from taking action

Or, we add some nutrients to our mind so that we can think better thoughts, healthier thoughts and take action.

How do you do this? Well, anything that’s bad for your body is also bad for your brain. And your mind is in your brain. How we think and what we think about and how we care for our bodies impacts our minds

For instance, if we’re taking in a lot of sugar… (which my hubby and I did yesterday and we knew we needed to slow down our intake of sugar as it’s not helpful for us)… it slows down our thinking.

Exercise is good for your body and also good for your brain. Eating well? Good for your brain, of course. A good night’s sleep? Good for your brain. Anyway, you get the picture… 

Feed your brain with good nutrients.

A Powerful Tool To Help You Stop Your Negative Thoughts

Are you struggling with spiralling negative thoughts? Not even sure where they’re coming from? You can’t change what you’re not aware of.

We have this great exercise (👉 click here to get it for free 👈) to help you stop your negative thoughts and experience the freedom, clarity and peace that you’re looking for so you can take the action you want. 

Want To STOP Your Spiralling Negative Thoughts?

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What helps YOU to stop your negative thoughts? Share in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

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