“YOU have an extraordinary life to live.”


“YOU have an extraordinary life to live.”


Hire Ann As A Speaker To Create An Event Your Audience Will Love

Inspiring others to live their extraordinary lives.

The right speaker will connect, inspire and leave your audience with practical next steps they can take. The wrong speaker will bore your audience or have them looking for the exit within the first minute. 

Ann is an experienced speaker, having educated, entertained and motivated audiences for over 10 years. Using a combination of powerful storytelling, practical tools, and interactive communication, she empowers her audience to take the next step to live the life they truly desire.

Whether you’re looking for a speaker for your church event, special event or workshop, Ann always goes above and beyond to deliver high value. Your audience will leave with practical solutions they can use immediately and feel inspired by Ann’s down-to-earth stories and message: 

 If an ordinary farmer’s wife can do it, so can you!

Ann Will Customize Each Message For Your Audience Based On The Following Themes…

Speaking Topic #1: The Power Of Curiousity In Communication: Be Curious, Stay Curious

In the 15 years that I’ve been coaching women and couples, the #1 request I receive is: “We want to communicate better.” And there is a good reason for that – marriage or any relationship begins to break down when we can’t communicate with clarity.

Communication matters. Everything works better with better communication.

Caring curiosity helps us to connect at a deep level, so it builds relationships.

Little things can make a big difference. Our approach, attitude, and practice of curious communication will help us build lines of connection at work, at home, and with friends.

Your audience will…

  • Learn what effective communication is
  • Understand why communication matters
  • Discover 2 challenges that make communication difficult
  • Learn a practical solution to those challenges
  • Practice a listening skill that will revolutionize their communication

Ann speaks with clarity and is able to engage the audience because of her honest, caring style. I have very much enjoyed Ann as a speaker and getting to know her as a warm,  caring friend. I am learning to be a more effective listener by following Ann’s tips and by watching her listening skills in action.

I would highly recommend Ann as a gifted speaker.

Colleen Peric, Interim Principal, Immanuel Christian School

Speaking Topic #2: How The Art Of “Know” Grows Your Marriage

We will look at 3 beautiful Hebrew words:

Yada – which means “to know.” However, this word doesn’t mean a little knowing, but an “up close and personal” kind of knowing. We will also explore how knowing God relates to us knowing each another.

Sod – which means vulnerable disclosure. There are different levels of vulnerability and each level takes us deeper into the next level of relationship and intimacy.

Sakan – which means caring involvement. We will discover how Yada and Sod are empty unless they are accompanied by sakan!

Your audience will… 

  • Learn how intimacy (into me you see) with God relates to the kind of knowing between a husband and wife
  • Gain insight into how deeper levels of communication create a deeper connection
  • Discover how vulnerability creates connection
  • Understand why compassion and empathy bring it all together
  • Learn about the practicality of Yada, Sod, and Sakan for everyday life

Ann is an engaging and authentic speaker. I have attended her Be Curious, Not Furious Communication Workshop. She asks thought-provoking questions that get your mind thinking.

For me, this meant opening a door to self-discovery looking inward at my own strengths and weakness and applying new knowledge.  She leads you through a process of giving you knowledge, self-evaluation on the topic and action steps on how you can improve. She leads and facilitates discussion in a way that truly places value on the individual as well as their growth. Resulting in acquiring skills that are beneficial in marriage, vocation and any relationship.

Sarah Hillborn

Speaking Topic #3: 3 Ways You Can Rebuild Trust After Trust Is Broken

Although trust is a necessary foundation for healthy relationships, it’s not always easy to build. And once trust is lost, it’s even harder to regain.

We’ll dig into these questions…

  1. Why do we hurt each other and stop trusting one another?
  2. How can we rebuild trust when someone has hurt us?
  3. Am I paranoid or does my lack of trust have more to do with an untrustworthy person?

Your audience will…

  • Discover how trust is a belief they have in another person
  • Learn how their expectations are closely tied to that belief
  • Understand why when their expectations are not met they can begin to resent the person they love
  • Gain 3 practical ways they can move from resentment to rebuilding trust

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