Refund Policy


Refund Policy


Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Online Purchases & Refunds

4Better 4Ever Inc. may offer various programs on its website. The pricing for each program will be clearly stated on the applicable order form. All purchases through the website are final and won’t be refunded except as expressly stated below.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

14-Day Money Back

Worry-free guarantee. 

Refund Policy for Masterminds

Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may request and obtain a full refund of your payment for the mastermind program if you do so by emailing within 14 days of making your full payment for the mastermind program.

If you are making installment payments for the mastermind program, you may request to cancel any future payments for the mastermind program by emailing within 14 days of making your first partial payment. However, any partial payments made for the mastermind program within the first 14 days will not be refunded.

Additional terms and services may also apply to specific portions, services or features of the website. All such additional terms and conditions are hereby incorporated by this reference into these Terms of Use.

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