Case Study: What Queen Elizabeth’s Speech Gives That Her People Need

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Leadership

Why is Queen Elizabeth suddenly making speeches? 

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Queen Elizabeth’s Speech Is A Rare Occurance

Queen Elizabeth doesn’t make many public speeches. Most of the time, she stays out of the public eye.

But recently, she’s made not one but TWO speeches: one just before the announcement was made that the Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson was going to the hospital because of the Coronavirus (he’s since been released). And second, she recorded her first Easter speech. 

It’s clear that Queen Elizabeth is stepping up during a difficult time when her country needs more leadership.

What we’ve been talking about the last couple of weeks is the need for each one of us to show up in our circles of influence to provide three things: perspective, active hope and security.  

So let’s gain inspiration from the Queen about how she provides these three things for her country during this crisis.

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#1 – Perspective: Present Difficulties And Life After The Crisis

The Queen definitely gives perspective to her people in her short speech. She talks unflinchingly about the difficulties people are facing, saying that this crisis is a “disruption that’s brought grief to some, financial difficulties to many and enormous changes to the daily lives of us all”. And she mentions these difficulties several times, to help people to feel like she understands and she’s with them.  

In other parts of her speech, she talks about life after the Coronavirus, reminding people that this crisis won’t last forever. She says: 

“I hope in the years to come, I hope everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge.”  

The Queen is reminding people that we have a choice about how we respond to this crisis and to think about how we want to look back at this season. She tells her people that future generations will look back to see how Britains handled this crisis.  

Another way Queen Elizabeth encourages her country is by identifying with them about the pain of self-isolation and not being able to see loved ones. She too is in isolation from her family. And yet, she is doing her part by staying self-isolated and reminds her people to do the same because “it’s the right thing to do”. 

Video credit: Thomson Reuters · 
Video credit: Thomson Reuters · 

#2 – Active Hope: Unity And The Different Actions People Are Taking

When it comes to providing her country with active hope, I think Queen Elizabeth does two things really well in her speech. First, she talks about the importance of unity and working together. And second, she highlights the different ways people are taking action and thanks people for doing their part. 

When she talks about unity, the Queen says that “together we are tackling this disease”. Together, not individually because this is a community disease.

And she says encouragingly that “if we remain resolute and united, then we will overcome it.” 

So, not only does she remind Britains that they’re fighting it together but also that in order to overcome it, they need to stay united. And she sees an end in sight, that one day, the Coronavirus will be overcome. 

Now, the Queen doesn’t say how exactly nor does she need to because that’s not her expertise. Her message is a simple message of hope and endurance, a rallying cry. 

Secondly, Queen Elizabeth shares images and talks about essential workers and health care workers continue to work selflessly, in support of British citizens who are at home. She shows her appreciation for them and also reminds the people at home that they’re also doing the most important thing they can be doing right now. 

And finally, she talks about the different ways people are coming together to help each other by delivering food, caring for neighbours or pivoting their business to help where it’s needed.

Photo credit: Unknown on flickr

#3 – Security: Queen Elizabeth’s Enduring Presence

The fact that Queen Elizabeth has made very few public speeches means that these two more recent videos are a big deal. She’s showing up for her country when she feels her country needs her to step up. 

She’s also the longest-reigning British monarch in British history. A picture of endurance. 

This is emphasized when she indirectly reminds her country that she survived WWII when she mentions the 1940 broadcast she made with her sister. So when she says: 

“we will succeed and that success will belong to every one of us”, there’s a gravity and reassurance behind her words. 

Queen Elizabeth knows what it’s like to live through a great crisis and so her words are not empty assurances. When she encourages her people to be strong and endure, she’s asking them to, in some ways, follow her example.

And because of perspective, hope and security that she provides for her people, her reminder that “better days will return” are not empty words, but a beacon of hope for a country that desperately needs a voice of hope. 

Now, we’re not royalty, but we can learn from the Queen’s speech how we can step up for the people that are looking to us for guidance during this season.

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What did you think of the Queen’s speech? Share your thoughts in the comments below so we can encourage each other!

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