A Positive Attitude Is One Of The Biggest Difference-Makers In Your Life

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Mindset, Personal Growth, Relationships

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Developing A Positive Attitude Is A Daily Choice

For the past number of weeks, I’ve been going into a local school in my community to teach grade eight and nine students a curriculum about the power of choice. 

One reason I’m excited about this program is because before we can lead anyone else well, we need to first learn to lead ourselves — and we’re often the hardest people to lead well!

The most recent lesson I taught was all about attitude. And attitude really is a difference-maker in my relationships, workplace and in my life in general. 

Here’s the thing: developing a positive attitude is a choice every day! 

You know, some companies hire new employees based on positive attitude. One time, my daughter was travelling and she was sitting next to a manager at WestJet (a Canadian airline company). They got talking and this manager eventually said, “You need to apply for a job at WestJest!” 

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She replied, “I don’t know anything about airlines or flying.” 

The manager said, “It doesn’t matter. They’re looking for people with a great attitude.” 

Our attitudes can be a difference-maker in our lives.

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Tackle Attitude First And Other Marriage Issues Will Get Easier

One of the resources my husband and I use when we’re working with couples is called I Love You More by Les and Leslie Parrott. This book has an entire chapter on attitude. 

The Parrotts say that if couples will tackle the problem of attitude first, then all of the rest of the issues will become easier. 

In fact, the most important marital asset is… yep, you guessed it, it’s your attitude.

I can remember a time when I was struggling with my attitude in my marriage. It was so negative that Melis could do the sweetest, nicest, kindest thing for me and I would think, “what does he want from me now?!” 

I was in a really bad place. 

Until one day, while he was cleaning out the dishwasher and I was feeling suspicious of him… I finally realized, “Wait a minute, I’M the problem. This is MY attitude. He’s not the problem.”

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Shifting To A More Positive Attitude Through Gratitude

Feeling inspired, I decided to write out everything good that I could think of about him.

But I still felt resistant so I chose the smallest piece of paper I could find. It was a pink post-it note. 

To my surprise, I filled up the page (I mean, let’s be real, it was pretty tiny) and flipped it and filled up the second page. What surprised me was how many good things I could write about him because I was in a pretty bad place. 

Afterwards, I put that post-it note in a place where I would see it every day (but he wouldn’t). And I read it every single day for about a month. 

About a month later, Melis called one day to say that he was going to be late for supper. Now, he was really cranky and short. Normally, I would have been offended by his bad attitude. But that day, I said to myself, “I think he’s having a bad day.” 

And In that moment, I smiled because I recognized that my mindset had shifted and I had a more positive attitude about my husband. 

One way to starve out a negative attitude is to focus on a positive attitude and cultivate gratitude for all the good things you have in your life. 

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Four Benefits Of Developing A Positive Attitude

Herb Kelleher, former CEO of Southwest airlines said, “You don’t hire for skills. You hire for attitude because you can always teach skills.” 

Here are four benefits of developing a positive attitude: 

  1. Enjoy your life and relationships more.
  2. You can inspire others because you’ll attract others with a good attitude.
  3. Showing gratitude to the people in your life and the life you have.
  4. Become more successful. 


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Which of the four benefits of a positive attitude would you like the most in your life? Write down the number in the comments below! We love to hear from you.

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