Mastermind Programs

Get answers to your questions!

Mastermind Programs

Get answers to your questions!

Mastermind Programs

Get answers to your questions!

Frequently Asked  Questions

What is the mastermind like?

We’ll meet via teleconference every week for the number of weeks stated above. Each session will last for 1 hour.

This is a closed group and there’s limited space in order to foster trust and more time for each person to share and ask questions.

Confidentiality is key, so what’s shared in the sessions remains in the group. Anyone who doesn’t honour this will be asked to leave with no exceptions.

You’ll also have access to me during the mastermind sessions, so you can receive the benefits of mentoring within the group.

How will I access the mastermind?

After you pay for the mastermind, you’ll receive an email with details about how you can dial into the call each week.

Will I get any interaction with Ann?

Yes, you will have access to Ann during each of the live calls. So if you’d like to experience the benefit of group mentoring but are not ready for the most intensive growth experience, which is coaching, joining a mastermind is a very effective way to achieve your growth goals faster.

How many people will be in the mastermind?

I intentionally keep each mastermind group small to give each participant more time to share and ask me questions if desired.

Although there won’t be enough time for each participant to share at length on every call, I will facilitate the calls with the goal of allowing people to share, if desired, as often as possible.

What if I change my mind after buying it?

Refunds will be processed under specific conditions. Read our full refund policy here.

Should I sign up for the mastermind or coaching?

Both have benefits:

The Mastermind provides a supportive and encouraging community of growth-minded people as well as guidance from Ann within the group. It’s less intensive than coaching. Another benefit is that it’s more affordable than coaching, while still being an effective way to achieve your growth goals faster than trying on your own. We grow faster and better in community.

Each mastermind topic is only offered at certain times throughout the year (many just once/year), so if you see a group that you’d like to join, then I recommend signing up when it’s available so you don’t miss out.

1-on-1 Coaching is the most intensive and most effective way to achieve the results you want whether you’re facing a big life transition, seeking to grow in your relationship, or looking to achieve specific growth goals. I highly recommend coaching if you’re ready to dive deep and commit to growing.

If that sounds like you, please keep in mind that I take only a limited number of clients each year, so if you’re interested in coaching read more about it here to learn how to apply.

Didn’t answer your questions?

If we didn’t answer your question in the FAQs, then we’d love to chat! Please send us a message here and we’ll see how we can help.

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