How To Have A Happy And Long-Lasting Christian Marriage 

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When a woman comes to me for help with her marriage (99% of the time it’s the wife that comes for help), I get asked a lot of the same questions. So I thought it would be helpful to create this page that can serve as a guide for where to start reading blog articles related to marriage and relationships.

Free Marriage Resources For Christian Women

If you’re looking for help to learn how to create a happy marriage, check out my free resources below:

➤ Creating Happy Marriages: A Community for Christian Couples (Facebook Group)

Top 7 Marriage Secrets To Feel Loved, Cherished And Secure Again (7-Day Mini Email Course)

11 Relationship Experts On How To Help Your Marriage (PDF)

I’ve also included a list of some of my most helpful blog posts below that are geared toward Christian women. Almost every week, I continue to create new content to help you close the emotional space that circumstances have created in your marriage so you can get back to feeling loved, cherished and secure again. So subscribe to my weekly Tuesday marriage tips today to make sure you get all my updates.

How To Choose A Healthy Marriage Partner

How To Improve Communication In Your Marriage

How To Have Better Teamwork In Your Marriage

What To Do When You Feel Stuck In A Disappointing Marriage

How Growing Through Difficult Times Can Improve Your Marriage

Develop A Mindset That Will Positively Impact Your Marriage

How Personal Growth & Leadership Positively Impacts Your Marriage

Learning About Healthy Relationships From The Experts

Marriage Enrichment Tips

7 Principles To Make Your Good Relationship Great

11 Relationship Experts Reveal The #1 Things To Help Your Marriage

How To Make Your Marriage Better in 2020 — 8 Simple Tips(updated)

This page only lists some of the marriage resources I have to help Christian women get back to feeling loved, cherished and secure again in their marriage. Be sure to subscribe to my weekly Tuesday marriage tips today for more practical tips, tools and resources.

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