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Dear Christian Woman Leader... Feel like you're running on empty?

We get it. You're juggling so much. And you're constantly pouring out so much to everyone around you...

But if you're running on empty, it's impossible for you to have the impact you want. So it's time to invest in you -- just for 1 hour.

Because the good news is that you don't need to do #allthethings. Get off the hamster wheel and learn how to make simple yet powerful changes so you can keep stepping into ALL that God has for you with more confidence and clarity!

February Workshop: How To Lead Confidently As A Christian Woman Without The Fear Of Disappointing People (sign up to watch replay now!)

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February 25, 2021
9:00pm Atlantic Time

Here's what you'll walk away with after EACH workshop...

Learn ONE (or more) simple steps to get unstuck and keep stepping into your calling

Gain NEW awareness about what mindset is keeping your stuck

Discover how you can lead MORE confidently and effectively

Understand WHY you need to keep investing in yourself to have the impact you want (and why it's not selfish)

Save your spot for the next workshop and all future workshops right now so you can learn all of this and more!

Taught by Ann Visser

A certified John Maxwell Team Coach, and Mindset Coach and co-founder of 4 Better 4 Ever, Ann has been equipping Christian women for 20 years to develop powerful mindsets so they can pursue God's calling for their lives with confidence. Follow me on Facebook below...

& Hannah Pavez

Hannah is a certified John Maxwell Team Coach and runs 4 Better 4 Ever's group coaching membership program with her mom as a Mindset Coach. She's passionate about helping Christian women to step into all that God has for them. Follow me on Facebook below...

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