“Small changes can make a big difference.”


“Small changes lead to big results.”


“Small changes lead to big results.”

Why Coaching

 I’m so glad you’re here because that means that you want to grow and that makes me SO excited…

When my kids were young, every summer we would spend lots of time at the beach. They learned how to swim and build sandcastles. As they grew older, they became more skillful and didn’t need my guidance as much. Imagine if they didn’t have any guidance. They wouldn’t have learned as much as quickly and they may have gotten into trouble with the tides or currents…

Yet, sometimes that happens in our own lives. We don’t have the skills we need to thrive in an area or we aren’t purposeful about the things we want in our lives — things like solid relationships, clarity, purpose and taking part in a grand adventure — and then we wonder why our life looks so different from what we hoped.

The best news is that you can choose to do something about that today and take a step towards becoming the person you want to be.

If this is your first time hearing about coaching and you’re not sure what it is, keep reading as I’ll try to answer your questions. However, if you already know what coaching is, you may want to skip right to the coaching packages.

What It Is

Coaching is about helping you get the measurable results you’re looking for. I’ll listen to your heart and ask insightful questions that open you up to a new level of awareness. This will enable you to make the changes you want to make.
Coaching is one of the most powerful tools to transform your life.
I’ve seen it work for each woman I’ve worked with and it can work for you too.  

You drive the agenda and formulate the way forward. I hold a non-judgmental space for you while we dream together as you form your growth plan. As you make your plans, I’ll be there every step of the way encouraging you and holding you accountable.

If some of your plans fail, we’ll discover the challenges that made your path difficult, enabling you to create a new plan.

Think about it this way: when a farmer is trying a new variety of potato, he doesn’t know how it will turn out. He plans as much as he canresearching, talking to people, and preparing. Yet, eventually he needs to actually plant the variety or he’ll never know how good it is. Then he can assess the potatoes as they grow and see if they’re on track and healthy. If they’re not, he may need to change his plan.

So, it’s okay if your plan doesn’t quite turn out how you wanted. Together we’ll assess what’s happening and how you can make adjustments to achieve your goals.

Coaching is more about looking forward then it is looking back.

My husband and I are Christians and believe that God has brought us together but early in our marriage we were struggling with things in our past and decisions that were affecting our marriage. We decided to do coaching and both my husband and I found it very beneficial.

Ann helped me understand my husband better and gave me practical tools to work through conflicts that arise in marriage. I found it very easy to be open and honest with her. I would say the biggest impression Ann made on me was how to have compassion in a marriage and how important it was.


What It’s Not

A New Best Friend
It’s not a place if you’re looking for a new best friend, a shoulder to cry on or someone to just listen to you.
Professional Counselling or Psychologist
If you’re suffering with a serious mental illness, addiction, or emotional trauma, then coaching is not for you. Coaching isn’t a place for you to work through issues in your past.  
Help For Marriages In Distress
While I work with women and couples struggling in their marriage, coaching is NOT a place to help you work through very serious marriage issues related to abuse, addiction or trauma.

What It’s For

My coaching is for any woman who…
  • Longs for more in her marriage
  • Wants to feel free to find herself
  • Longs to dream again but is afraid to
  • Is looking to change her life in some way
  • Is hungry to grow in some area in her life
  • Needs support navigating a transition in her life
  • Feels alone and wants to move toward her goals with support
  • Needs a safe space to think out loud to discover her desires clearly
  • Is ordinary and wants to live to her fullest whether as a mom, wife, daughter, sister or professional
  • Is facing monumental changes, whether a separation, divorce, empty nest, or career change
Coaching has not only changed my life, but it has changed my family.  As the saying goes, “if Mama ain’t happy, then nobody is happy.”  Now that Mama is happy and can maintain peace within, it spills over into my marriage of 30 years and my relationship with our three adult children.  

My times with Ann are the highpoint of my week!  The fruit of our fellowship and Bible study together is so evident that my husband can always tell when I’ve spent time with Ann, even though this time takes place over the phone.  My husband appreciates Ann’s input so much that he’ll say, “what would Ann say to do”?  I am forever grateful for the time and commitment to coaching Ann has demonstrated to me.


What It Can Do For You

Provide you with a safe space to think out loud, clarify your thoughts and express your desires clearly.

You can think wild thoughts, sort through painful memories and move beyond limiting beliefs that keep you from what you really want.

Help you to move toward your dreams with support.

Provide support as you process through big changes in your life that may be causing confusion, unsteadiness, frustration, unsureness, hurt and even anger.

Give you a non-judgemental place to take action, fail, get up, revamp your plan and try again. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader!

Make your unconscious thoughts, dreams and desires conscious so you can discover what you’ve been longing for. This empowers you to take the actions you choose.

Create a place for you to discover new hope, which enables you to work on changing your mindset. This will improve your day-to-day living and relationships.

Before seeing Ann, I was walking through a very difficult situation in my marriage. Although my husband and I were working hard on the road to repair and restoration, I felt stuck in certain areas of forgiveness, bitterness and hurt.

I connected with Ann at this time, and after admitting my difficulties, she was willing to coach and mentor me. Ann was so easy to talk with and so willing to share, using many real examples of her own, to help me feel at ease and not alone-most importantly to remind me in words and prayer, that God is with me. Through a series of prayerful lessons, and calling on the Lord, I was able to really understand and feel that only by intentionally continuing to call out these hurts as enemy based-and to lay the burdens that they produce at the feet of Jesus, will I be able to let go, truly forgive, let God do the hardest work in me and in others, and move forward to be healed…  

I realize there will be other hurts in life–but after seeing Ann, I feel equipped and reminded that in all things, God will work it out for the good of those who love Him- I am grateful and blessed and beginning to see all that God has done in and through my marriage journey.


Still Not Sure? Maybe You’re Thinking…

“I don’t have time. I’m too busy and exhausted.”
One of the myths that we’re told as women is – you can do it all. This simply isn’t true. Yet, when we buy in to that, the end result for many of us is that we’re tired. Exhausted. Drained. 

Why? Because we’re not living out of our strength or our sweet spot. Each woman has different strengths, abilities and even energy levels. 

Coaching can help you discover your strengths. When you work out of your strengths, you’ll feel less tired because you love what you’re doing. So you’ll feel exhilarated when you wake up in the morning. Coaching can also help you clarify your priorities, so you focus on the things you want to instead of trying to do everything. This will actually give you more time and help you to feel less exhausted.   

“I’ve tried counselling and it didn’t work.”
I do want to say again, that coaching is NOT counselling. If you need the help of a professional counsellor or psychologist, please seek out that help. Unlike counselling, coaching helps you to look and move forward, instead of looking back at your past.  

If you’re struggling with any of the issues I mentioned above, coaching could be a good solution for you. Why? Because coaching puts you, the client, in the driver’s seat. You make your own plan with the support of a coach.  You know you’re not alone in the changes you want to make. Coaching also empowers you to make choices and follow through in what you really want out of life.

“I’m alone and unworthy of help.”
Coaching gives you support so you’re not alone when making the changes you want. A coach also believes in you when you can’t believe in yourself. I’ll dig for your worth so you can discover your true value.

Every woman needs to be empowered to work from her strengths and to live the life she dreams of. My goal is to help you unearth how you want to contribute to your family, friends and community, no matter how ordinary it is. Being in a place of growth will help you to feel alive and invigorated.

Coaching Changes Lives


Ann began coaching me a difficult time in my life. I had some physical limitations due to an injury. I suddenly found myself unable to do most of the things I had taken for granted. Ann helped me focus on creating new goals within my physical limitations. I was very frustrated which used up most of the little energy I had.

Ann was able to keep bring me back to think about all the possibilities. She was patient but kept asking questions. Eventually, I was able to find myself doing creative things that I never thought I was capable of. I found the silver lining in all that frustration and pain. I have been blessed by Ann and her coaching abilities.


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