Coaching Packages


Coaching Packages

Transformational Coaching

Helping you grow intentionally.

90-minute sessions

6-12 month packages

One-on-one private and confidential sessions

Expand your thinking

Gain safe, non-judgemental accountability

Grow intentionally

Achieve goals you never thought possible

Gain clarity for roaming thoughts

Focus on potential and growth

Find your authentic self

Create your own plan for growth

Identify obstacles that are holding you back

Transitional Coaching

Helping you thrive in the midst of change.

90-minute sessions

6-12 month packages

One-on-one private and confidential sessions

Gain safe, non-judgemental accountability

Face separation, divorce, an empty nest or career change with support

Gain confidence to navigate an unsure path

Develop resilience

Learn to thrive in spite of changes

Rediscover forgotten dreams

Grieve lost hopes and reignite your hope

Move forward with new plans and dreams

Choose The Coaching Package That’s Right For YOU

Step 1

Simply click on the button, fill out the online application and submit it to begin the process. Give yourself 20-30 minutes to fill out the application as this will be the foundation for how we’ll move forward to help you achieve your goals.

Step 2

Once I’ve received the completed application, I’ll invite you to a 30-minute telephone consultation to discuss your application and growth objectives in more detail. At the end of this consultation, both of us can make informed decisions as to whether to move forward with coaching, discuss terms, availability and start dates.


My goal is to help you achieve the life you dream of and live your extraordinary life. However, I can’t guarantee specific results from my coaching, mentorship, training, methods, ideas, information, tools or strategies. Each individual is completely responsible for her own growth and progress and will depend on a variety of factors, like your commitment to grow, level of awareness, willingness to do the work to grow, expertise and perseverance to push through barriers. 

That being said, I’m wholly committed to doing everything I can to help you reach your goals and create the dream life you desire. I believe in you and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader, provide you with tools and resources, and help you discover your bigger purpose.  

I work with women who are hungry to grow and are committed to the process of growth. And because you’re on this page reading this, I know that’s you. So I would be honoured to learn more about your goals and see if we would like to work together.  

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