What Keeps Us Going When It Gets Tough: Biggest Wins And Learnings From 2018

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Mindset, Personal Growth

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What Is Your Fuel For Next Year?

With the new year just around the corner, I want to ask you a question — what will keep you going when it gets tough?

Sometimes when I tell people what I’m up to, they say, “Wow, you’re really doing it” because from the outside it looks like we’re doing amazing things… and we are!

At the same time, we’re also failing and making a ton of mistakes.

And since we are constantly encouraging our girls to step out, try new things and make mistakes, we want to give you a peek behind the scenes of 4Better 4Ever of our greatest wins and learnings (or our “failings”…) from this past year.

‘Cuz we want you to know that we get it. It’s hard. It doesn’t feel nice to fail or make mistakes. However, it’s a necessary part of growth.

Reflection Is The Best Teacher

So recently, Hannah and I spent some time reflecting on what we were going to share with you because as John Maxwell says, reflecting about our experiences is the best teacher…

And a gold nugget that came out of that reflection was a greater sense of knowing our purpose…

Or our why.

This is the thing that keeps us going when it’s difficult or when we feel like giving up and we’ll share what that nuggest is at the end of the post…

Our 3 Biggest Wins of 2018

First, however, we want to share with you our 3 biggest WINS and LEARNINGS from the past year, starting with our wins:

#1. Each Woman We’ve Impacted (That’s YOU!)

By far, the biggest win that we’re celebrating is each and every woman that we’ve impacted this past year. Every time we’ve heard from one of you that your life is changing, we’ve celebrated because you’re the reason why we exist.

We’ve celebrated each time you have…

  • Valued yourself more
  • Gained new confidence
  • Taken your next growth step even when you’ve felt afraid
  • Applied what you’re learning to make a bigger impact in your families & communities
  • Learned to take better care of yourself so you can pour out more to the people you love the most

And most importantly, we want you to know that we’re SO proud of you for investing in your own growth…

For refusing to allow the voices that tell you that you’re not enough to keep beating you down.

Instead, you’re bravely choosing to write your own story so you can make a difference right where you’re at.

And with each step you take, you’re choosing to be the heroine in your own story and your light grows a bit brighter because the very act of taking the next step and then another one and another…

Is bravery.

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#2. Turning 4Better 4Ever Into A Business To Serve You Better

I have been coaching and mentoring women and couples (with my husband) for over 15 years, so I’ve already had the joy of seeing many lives and marriages transformed.

However, my dream is to reach more women because I see so much need…

And so 4Better 4Ever is the story that I’m writing with my daughter.

It’s been a huge learning curve to start 4Better 4Ever as a business and to learn to be not only a coach but also an entrepreneur and a businesswoman.

#3. Caitlin Pyle’s Work-At-Home Summit

Participating in Caitlin’s Work-At-Home Summit was an amazing opportunity even though in reality, we weren’t ready for it. Everything we went to do for this summit was a new step for us.

We didn’t have a product to offer or even a website to direct traffic to…

So we worked hard to get those things ready.

This meant figuring out how to create an online product and this came with lots of challenges as we stumbled our way forward. I also had my first ever interview with Caitlin… basically, everything was a first for us.

Our Biggest Learnings of 2018

Many of our successes were firsts for us and of course, when we try new things, we’re also going to have failures and make mistakes along the way.

The following are our 3 biggest learnings:

#1. You Can’t Build An Online Business When You Don’t Know Your Clients

By far, this has been our greatest challenge: we struggled for most of the year to get to know the women we’re serving so we can serve them better.

For years, I worked with my husband and so I know the couples we’ve worked with. Making the shift from working with Melis to working on my own has been a HUGE adjustment.

Why is it so important for us to understand you?

Because everything, absolutely everything we do hinges on knowing you: the mastermind and coaching services we offer, the topics of the blog posts…

We need to make sure that we’re really helping you and not just adding to the noise.

We exist to serve you so we need to know how we can best help you.

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back Anymore!

Learn How To Turn Any Loss, Failures Or Mistakes Into Your Greatest Learnings.

#2. Building An Online Business Is Harder Than We Thought

Do you remember the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams… build it and they will come??

When it comes to an online business, that’s definitely NOT the case.

Everything to do with building the business online is taking longer than we thought.

We’ve been constantly underachieving a lot of our goals. For instance, we have…

  • Not grown our email list in a whole year
  • Not hit our financial targets
  • Been very slow to generate leads online

We’ve also learned that just because we’re busy doing things for the business doesn’t mean they are activities that will actually help us to grow the business.

#3. How To Manage Our Fear Of Failure

This one took both of us by surprise at times and yet, it has been a constant and very real challenge.

Ann: Every time we did something new, I felt like a failure before I even started. So many times, I felt inadequate for the work we were doing.

For example, when Hannah said we needed to be doing Facebook lives, I ran smack into the wall of fear: “What am I going to say? What if I don’t make sense?” 

(Below is an actual image from my journal as I worked through the fear of failure.)

About Ann

Ann’s work is centred on the belief that every woman has purpose. So her mission is to empower a community of women to live their extraordinary lives with joy…

More About Ann

And those fears keep popping up every time we try new things. I’ve needed to learn how to push through that fear and as Christy Wright says, “do it afraid.”

What is helping me to push through my fears?

You! I believe in you and I know that our services are helping to transform your lives… I also know that you’re counting on me. And so thinking about you keeps me going on the days when I’m tempted to give up.

Hannah: I’ve had some mornings where I woke up literally full of fear because I felt like I wasn’t succeeding to make 4Better 4Ever a successful online business.

On those mornings, I didn’t want to get out of bed and I’ve been tempted on more than one occasion to quit and find a different job where I’m not stretched so much.

During those moments when I’ve thought about giving up, I keep coming back to my “why”.

And I also think about Mom and how much this dream means to her.

In the end, I don’t give up because I’ve intentionally chosen this path and I want to one day write a story of how I built up multiple online businesses from the ground up. And if I give up, I will be ending that story before the best part.

Pursuing Our Dreams Is More Difficult Than We Imagined

Pursuing our dreams sure isn’t easy.

In his book Keep Your Love On, Danny Silk explains why so many people give up on their dreams:

“One of the reasons people perish without a vision is that they cannot endure the pain and cost required to achieve any worthwhile purpose.”

The most worthwhile things sometimes require the most from us… Think about the mom that gets up in the middle of the night again and again for her kids. Or the couple that refuses to give up on their marriage…

Our dream of reaching more women to help them intentionally write beautiful stories is requiring more from us than we ever imagined.

Our Motivation To Keep Chasing Our Dreams

And yet, as we prepare for a new year, we’re more determined and excited than ever to keep going and it can be summed up in this quote from thought leader Seth Godin:

Do “work that matters for people who care.”

We know our work matters because we keep hearing from you that it’s making a difference in your life. And as long as we’re helping you to transform your life, THAT motivates us to keep pushing through when it’s tough.

What’s Your Next Step To Grow Next year?

Join our upcoming mastermind and learn how to turn any losses, failures or mistakes into your greatest learnings.


Don’t let fear hold you back anymore!


  1. Laura Perry

    I am so thankful for you Ann and Hannah. The continuous work you do behind the seens makes each Mastermind better than the one before. I for one would not be where I am today without you first stepping out to intentionally grow…and then inviting me to join you. What a gift you have given me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wonder what our stories will say next year at this time…how exciting…we can do this…we are worth the effort…stand back world…look at us grow. Who wants to join us?

    • Hannah Visser

      It’s truly our pleasure Laura! And yes — watch out world, ‘cuz you ladies are on fire and are changing the world one story at a time. ❤️

  2. Grace Johnson

    You keep women encouraged and moving forward!

    • Hannah Visser

      Thanks so much Grace! We love providing encouragement to you ladies ❤️

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