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Hi and welcome! Since you’re on this page I’m guessing that you’re curious about affiliate marketing. And I’m so glad that you’re wondering =:)

First, I want to say that we at 4Better 4Ever place a high value on integrity so we want to be upfront with you about affiliate links on our website.

Second, we are participating in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program so when you click on Amazon links, we will receive a (very) small amount of commission if you decide to buy a product.

Third, we’ve signed up to this program because we’re running 4Better 4Ever as a for-profit business and it will help to sustain us so we can continue to offer services to women who want to transform their lives, marriages and communities.

Fourth, we will only recommend products and services that we use or have tried and have found really valuable.

Five, as we add new recommendations for products and services to our website, we will let you know when they’re affiliate links. So you can assume that if you don’t see any mention of affiliate links, then we haven’t included any for that page or post.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, we’re always happy to chat. You can email me at or by sending me a message here!

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