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Who Is Ann Visser? Relationship & Mindset Coach

Creating Happier Marriages

Feel cherished, loved and secure in your marriage again.


Creating Happier Marriages

Feel cherished, loved and secure in your marriage again.

Creating Happier Marriages

Feel cherished, loved and secure in your marriage again.

Even when you love each other, circumstances can still create emotional distance in your marriage…

”I’ve never seen a couple look at each other the way you two look at each other,” our wedding photographer said.  

We were high school sweethearts and crazy in love.

Then life caught up to us. Melis was new to farming and worked long hours, often coming home frustrated. And we had 5 kids in 7 years. 

We were drifting apart.

Until one date night, I said to Melis, “I can’t do this anymore!”

He looked at me with panic and said, “What do you mean you can’t do this anymore?” 

“I can’t do marriage like this anymore! I’m so tired. And I’m so hurt.” 

Photo: Melis and I when we were in high school

Photo: Melis and I when we were in high school

He really heard my heart. And for the first time in a long time, he shared his heart with me too…

We recommitted to each other that we would get the help we needed to close the emotional distance that had crept in to our marriage. 

That pivotal conversation changed everything. We fell back in love. 

Now, our marriage isn’t perfect — no marriage is. The difference is that now we have the tools to get back to connection quickly.

And I’ve been helping Christian women and couples for over 20 years to come through challenging circumstances feeling more in love and deeply connected. 

Because I believe that if a farmer and his wife can learn how to get back to love, then you can too.

I’m on a mission to equip Christian men and women to create a marriage so happy that people wonder what their secret is!

Every couple will face circumstances at some point that will create emotional space in their marriage causing the wife to feel lonely, scared and unhappy.

Circumstances like… 

  • Illness 
  • Demanding job
  • In-laws visiting
  • Death
  • Retirement 
  • Empty-nesting
  • Moving

But the good news is that when you’ve already experienced a close, loving and supportive connection with your spouse, then you can get that back.

Photo credit: Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash

Photo credit: PHUOC LE on Unsplash

When a couple is not just married, but happily married, it has a positive impact on their kids and everyone else in their circle…

That’s why for over 20 years, I’ve been helping women and couples get back to feeling cherished, loved and secure in their marriages.

I’m a Mindset & Relationship Coach, Speaker and Trainer with 4 Better 4 Ever, which I co-founded with my husband. I’m also a certified John Maxwell Team coach, speaker and trainer.

I’ve been married for 41 years to Melis and we have 5 lovely children and 11 beautiful grandchildren. For fun, I’m an amateur photographer and I love capturing nature on my beach walks

If you’re going through circumstances that are causing emotional distance in your marriage, I can help.

Click on the button below to book your free 30-minute discovery call.

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