9 Abundance Affirmations To Overcome Any Challenge

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Leadership, Mindset, Personal Growth

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When Abundance Thinking Is Easy (And Hard)

It’s easy to talk about abundance when everything is going right for us… 

  • When we have our dream job 
  • Our kids are behaving
  • We’re debt free
  • And we’ve got a clean bill of health

But when things aren’t going the way we want them to, it’s a lot harder to hold on to an abundance mindset.


  • We just found out we have cancer
  • Our house flooded and insurance won’t cover the damages 
  • The police call us again because our son or daughter is in trouble 
  • The company is downsizing and we just lost our job

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Abundance Thinking Can Help Us Overcome Challenges

Fact is, sometimes life is hard. And for some of us, life is a lot harder than it is for others. 

So when I talk about an abundance mindset, I’m not suggesting that if we just believe it or hope for it or wish for it, that happiness or prosperity will be just around the corner. 

Honestly, I think that kind of thinking is nonsense and extremely unhelpful for people facing life’s challenges.

However, what I do believe is that regardless of the challenges any of us face, we always have a choice about our attitude and mindset.

And our attitude and mindset will either enable us to overcome our challenges (or at the very least learn from them), or they’ll get us stuck and make things a whole lot harder for a lot longer.

So, how do we develop an abundance mindset or a positive attitude? 

Well, one thing that helps is to say abundance affirmations out loud every day. 

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Remember — Thoughts Are Things

Now, in case you’re thinking that that sounds a bit weird, “abundance affirmations” is simply a fancy phrase for positive statements. 

Because here’s the truth — what we tell ourselves matters. It literally shapes our brain. So, here are fifteen abundance affirmations that you can say out loud to yourself. 

Now, I know that fifteen is a fair bit to say out loud every day so I would suggest choosing just three of them to start with. 

Choose three and repeat them to yourself every day for the next week.

Notice how you feel before you start this exercise and then reflect on how you feel after completing this simple exercise. 

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Nine Abundance Affirmations To Help You Overcome Challenges

  1. I am a powerful woman who can and will find a way forward. 
  2. I can learn from anybody and every situation.
  3. I can make a difference today by helping the one in front of me. 
  4. When I’m dealing with difficult people, I can respond with firm kindness.
  5. I choose to be grateful for the many blessings I have all around me today.
  6. I can’t always control my circumstances but I can always choose how to respond.
  7. I will look for ways to pass onto others what I’ve learned so I can help them grow. 
  8. I will celebrate with other people’s successes because there are always more opportunities for me to succeed as well.  
  9. When I’m not happy with my life, the first (and most important) change I can make is in me.

What abundance affirmations do you tell yourself that helps you to have a positive mindset? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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