7 Self-Care Tips For Busy Moms That Take 5 Minutes Or Less

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Being A Mom Is Sometimes… Well, Busy

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a wonderful day to celebrate the joys of being a mom.

I remember what it was like being a mom with five little ones running around — and then five hungry teenagers all involved in different activities…

(I’m still trying to figure out how one of my sons once ate half of a chicken meal himself after making a bet with a waiter.

The waiter was doubtful. Nobody had EVER finished that meal.

Until my son.)

I loved being a mom and treasure those years.

But I also remember how difficult some days were. How tired I felt… And how little time I had to take care of myself.

So here’s a list of some of our favourite tips from 7 articles that have some great self-care ideas that you can easily implement — a lot of them in 5 minutes or less (because sometimes five minutes is all you’ve got!).

#1. 12 Ideas Of Self-Care That Take 5 Minutes Or Less!

  • Link: Click here to read
  • Read: 5 minutes
  • Favourite tip: Play with pets
  • Why: Although we don’t currently have pets, for many years, we had cats and I remember that it felt comforting to have a purring cat sit on my lap.

Jane Travis is a counsellor and psychotherapist who shares lots of other self-care tips through her blog. This article includes some creative and unique ideas that I didn’t see in a lot of the other articles. And it’s also very quick to skim through! Some of Jane’s other ideas that I like include hugs, dancing (I loved dancing as a little girl), or spending a few minutes outside. 

Photo Credit: Manuel Meza on Unsplash

#2. 17 Self-Care Tips For Moms Who Have No Freaking Time Or Money

  • Link: Click here to read
  • Read: 5 minutes
  • Favourite tip: Put flowers on the table
  • Why: Because it’s so simple and yet if you enjoy flowers and something as simple as this would bring a smile to your face every time you see them, this one small action can brighten your day.

This article written by Maggie Downs is a really quick read and so her tips are easy to scan through and see if something catches your eye. Unlike other self-care articles, Maggie focuses on suggestions that are great if you’re a budget-conscious mom or have next to no time (that was me).  

#3. The Best Self-Care Tips For Moms

  • Link: Click here to read
  • Read: 10 minutes
  • Favourite tip: Don’t strive for perfection
  • Why: It’s so easy for us to compare ourselves to other moms (in real life or social media) and feel like we’re not measuring up. But as we talk about in our mastermind groups, our goal is for progress, not perfection!

This post has some great practical tips for moms as well and the author shares from her personal experience, which makes her feel relatable. The mission statement of REALHER is neat too: “to bring out the best in every individual.”

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#4. 5 Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms

  • Link: Click here to read
  • Read: 5-10 minutes
  • Favourite tip: Ask yourself, “What can I do to make this moment more enjoyable?”
  • Why: It’s such a simple thing and yet the smallest things can sometimes make the biggest difference. Typically, when I fold laundry, I put on one of my favourite cooking shows and it makes a mundane chore much more enjoyable!

Christina Tiplea’s whole site, Embracing Simple, looks like it’s packed full of practical tips for helping women to simplify their lives so they can create a life they love. This article includes just five tips but there are lots of other suggestions in her readers’ comments that may spark some creative ideas. After all, self-care for each us may look a little different and part of the fun is discovering what that looks like for us!

#5. Self-Care Strategies For Busy Moms

  • Link: Click here to read
  • Read: 5 minutes
  • Favourite tip: Fast-forward
  • Why: It gives moms permission to almost day-dream, not just to cope with the challenges of the day but also to envision the future they want. This strategy can help moms figure out what matters most to them while they’re raising their children.

This article definitely has a more clinical tone as it’s written on Psych Central, an online mental health resource. However, if a mom struggles with feeling guilty about taking time for herself, then this post could be helpful to alleviate some of that as Margarita Tartakovsky talks about the need for moms to be healthy to care well for their children. Margarita also includes some unique self-care strategies that could be helpful for moms to care for themselves during this busy period in their lives.

#6. 20 Simple Ways To Take Great Care Of Yourself

  • Link: Click here to read 
  • Read: 5-10 minutes
  • Favourite tip: Meditate on scripture
  • Why: This is such a simple thing to do but a great way to focus our minds on positive truths without spending lots of time reading the Bible if you don’t have time. I stick verses on my mirror since I look at it every day!

Susan’s writing is very down-to-earth and it almost feels like you’re sitting down across from her sipping a cup of coffee. Susan’s goal is to support moms and she has some interesting experiences as a single mom, step-mom, foster mom and adoptive mom. So if you enjoy a frank conversational style, then you may enjoy reading through the 20 simple self-care tips that she lists. You can fit these in whenever you have a few spare minutes. 

Photo Credit: Zack Silver on Unsplash

#7. 10 Self Care Tips For New Moms

  • Link: Click here to read 
  • Read: 5-10 minutes
  • Favourite tip: Schedule a hair appointment
  • Why: It takes less than five minutes to make a hair appointment or two, but it will give you something to look forward to and a little pampering is always wonderful as a new mom. 

Robin Long’s article is a pretty quick read and has some great practical tips for new moms written from the perspective of another new mom. Unlike some other articles out there, the tips aren’t overwhelming to go through as Robin lists only 10. It’s also great that the article is written by someone who is practicing living with intention.

Spark Your Imagination

There you have it! I hope you feel inspired to try something each and every day to give yourself some self-care. (And not just on Mother’s Day).

And if nothing from these lists appeals to you, then I want to encourage you to use them to spark your imagination.

Find the things that give you life.

We’d love to hear what’s working for you… 

What self-care tips help you as a busy mom? Share your tips by commenting below! 

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