5 Key Money Mindset Shifts For A Prosperous Soul

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Mindset, Personal Growth

The Voyage Of The Prosperous Soul

Each of us is on a journey, seeking to reach the shores of a prosperous and abundant life…

But many of us get caught up on the shores of Poverty or Mammon. Our ship breaks on the rocks and we get stuck in a mindset of lack or greed, unable to experience the abundant life Christ promised his followers.

However, if we can sail past these islands, then we can make our way toward the shining shores of Prosperity where we can experience life to the fullest as Christ’s disciples.

This is the picture Stephen K. De Silva paints in his book Money And The Prosperous Soul: Tipping The Scale Of Favor And Blessing.

De Silva is the CFO of Bethel Church in Redding, California and in this book, he provides a practical guide for Christians to find financial and spiritual success.

However, this book is not some kind of get-rich-quick scheme, nor is it supporting a prosperity gospel.

How Money Reveals The Condition Of Our Souls 

While there are lots of resources available to help us manage our finances well, this is the first book that has challenged me to approach money from a spiritual point of view without a prosperity gospel flavour.

It also answers this question — does it really matter in the kingdom of God if we manage our finances well?

The answer is an absolute yes!

De Silva argues that how we steward our money indicates the state of our soul… 

He says that “[the condition of our souls] determines what we can be entrusted to carry.”

So if we’re not faithful with something like money, the Bible says that God won’t entrust us with more important spiritual matters (Luke 16:11).

That thought alone made me sit up and pay attention.

How Do We Develop A Prosperous Soul?

I used to think that being a good steward of my finances was enough, but De Silva encourages us to think bigger…

“The problem I see in the lives of many Christians is not that they have failed to establish good financial disciplines… 

but that the fire in their hearts is not burning hot enough to take them anywhere important.”

I don’t know about you but I find that statement challenging.

Because I want my life to matter.

And if developing a prosperous soul is part of that journey, then I’m all in. But it can be hard to know where to even start.    

So I’ve shared five key mindset shifts that can help us to begin making this journey.

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Mindset Shift #1 – We Have A Purpose To Fulfill That God Has Placed In Us

A foundational truth that we need to grasp is that each one of us has a purpose. Something bigger than ourselves that God has for us.

And “learning to handle wealth is a key to develop our character,” De Silva says.

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying… if you want to know what someone really values, look at their cheque book and their calendar. So if someone looked at your bank account, what story would it tell about your priorities?

I admit that I’m still learning to align my finances with the purposes God has for me. To be honest, sometimes I don’t quite know what that means.

But I’m committed to the journey of learning how to develop a prosperous soul!  

Mindset Shift #2 – God Can Use Any Circumstances To Develop The Character We Need To Fulfill Our Purpose

Once we understand that God has a purpose for our lives, this belief begins to shape how we see our world.

And this shift if a very hopeful one. Because as De Silva points out, it also means that…

“God can use any circumstances in our lives to shape and develop the divine purpose He has placed within us.”

Honestly, this is easier said than done. (At least for me!) But these are the shores that we’re guiding our ship toward.

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Mindset Shift #3 – We Are Not Victims Of Our Financial Circumstances

This mindset shift is really foundational, especially if we’re struggling with debt.

But regardless of where we are today, we are NOT victims of our financial circumstances.

This is anything but easy.

So how do we develop a healthier mindset around money? De Silva shares his strategy:

“I have learned that the most powerful strategy for overcoming [Poverty and Mammon] is to fix your gaze upon the reality of your destiny to become like Christ, and not upon lies and dangers, which so quickly become magnified when you give them attention.”

Photo Credit: Torsten Dederichs on Unsplash

Mindset Shift #4 – Our Ultimate Purpose Is To Become More Like Christ

Why should we really care about stewardship? I mean, it feels good when I’m a good steward of the resources I’ve been entrusted with… But what’s the purpose behind good stewardship?

Ultimately, De Silva argues, our purpose is to become more like Christ.


So we tithe, give generously and are faithful stewards not simply out of obedience but because when we do these things, we’re becoming more like Christ.

Mindset Shift #5 – God’s Blessing Doesn’t Necessarily Mean More Material Possessions

I want to be clear that this book is not encouraging prosperity gospel thinking, nor do I agree with that kind of theology.

De Silva talks about how it’s important to understand that when God said he was going to bless us if we’re faithful stewards, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to bless us with more material possessions.

Because God isn’t primarily concerned with making us comfortable and rich… 

He wants us to become more Christ-like.

Is Wealth Bad And Poverty Good?

I’m not suggesting that wealth is bad, just as I’m not suggesting that poverty is inherently righteous.

So part of our journey is learning how to see money in the way that God sees it.

De Silva argues that we need to overcome the lies and false beliefs we have around ourselves and money so that we can be entrusted with true riches.

What’s Your Next Step?

As you read through this article, which mindset shift stood out to you? 

That could be the best place to start.

And a really practical exercise that you could try is to simply spend 5-10 minutes and write out your thoughts and beliefs around money. This will help you to gain a better understanding of where you are today so you can take steps to develop a healthier mindset around money.

Download the Money Mindset Worksheet to get started right now!

*DISCLAIMER: This article expresses some of my personal opinions and definitely should NOT be considered financial advice. Please seek out a trained financial professional to get help with your specific situation.

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What’s a mindset shift that you’ve found helpful in your own financial growth journey? Leave a comment below – we love to hear from you!


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