You can make a difference right where you are!

Your family, workplace and community need what ONLY you can give.

You can make a difference right where you are!

Your family, workplace and community need what ONLY you can give.

You can make a difference right where you are!

Your family, workplace and community need what ONLY you can give.


Get the results you want with confidential one-on-one coaching.


Join a community of growth-minded women to achieve your goals faster.


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Hi, I’m Ann!

My work is centred on the belief that every woman – no matter who she is – has purpose. So I’m empowering a community of women to live their extraordinary lives. For 16 years, I lived as a farmer’s wife and mother and loved it most of the time (let’s be real!). As my kids left home, I redefined my identify from a wife and mom to a Coach, Mentor and Speaker. Now I’ve found my second calling: using everything I’ve learned as a wife and mother and to help other women discover the life they’re meant to live. I live on the East Coast of Canada with my high school sweetheart, where I take lots of photos of nature in my spare time.
“Ann’s ability to create programming specific to the audience and their needs has made her a loved and welcomed teacher. The women are drawn to her honesty and humility and they respect her no nonsense style of truth telling…She is also very skilled at drawing people out in one to one settings. She asks pertinent questions and enables the client to be honest and vulnerable while also leading her to choose for herself what her next step will be…Ann is a gifted leader and we feel fortunate to have her on our teaching staff.”

-Cheryl Millman, Executive Director, Open Door Outreach

Want to make a difference using your unique strengths?

You were made to impact your world with your gifts. Download the FREE journal to start making the difference that only YOU can make today! You’ll gain…

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